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Third Thursdays Programs & General Meetings

First Baptist Church
8100 N. Madison Ave. NE
9:30 AM - Social
10:00 AM  - Program
11:00 AM-11:30 AM  - General Meeting
11:45 AM - optional post-meeting luncheon
Location TBD


APRIL Meeting starts at 11:00



11:00 AM 

Potluck Luncheon

We will meet at 11:00 this month at the First Baptist Church Hall. (Please note the time)

Every year at this time we present monetary donations to various nonprofit organizations who have shared with us at our meetings. This year's recipients are "Make a Wish Foundation", "The Island Volunteer Caregivers" and "Crescendo" of Ovation Musical Theater.

Bring your favorite creation - appetizer, bread, salad, hot dish, or dessert.

Those with food allergies appreciate knowing the ingredients. 

Please make sure your dish is in a ready-to-serve container along with the utensils needed to serve it and a trivet if the dish is hot. 

NOTE: There is no kitchen access of any kind for food prep or washing up.  We will not have any way to either heat up or keep the food warm. Dishes should arrive ready to place on the table.

Silverware, plates, cups, and drinks will be provided as well as leftover containers.

This is an eagerly awaited event.  Don't miss it!





FEATURED Activity Groups

Spicy Ladies

Spicy Ladies: Spicy Ladies dine out once a month and is for women only. 

The group's leader sends out monthly invitations and coordinates the restaurant reservations. 

A great way for new as well as long-time members to enjoy the company of fellow BIWC members. 


Interested in Joining a Book Club?

We are happy to announce that a new book club is being formed. Thank you to those individuals who have already reached out. If you are interested in helping to organize and participate in a book club, please click the button below and your name will be added to the list. We will soon be setting up an organizational meeting to nail down the details as to how you want your book club to operate.

In the meantime, all interested book lovers are encouraged to consider the No Book Book Club.

No required reading. Instead, participants share book titles that they have enjoyed and recommend.

As always, check out our other activity offerings by clicking the red "Camaraderie" button at the top.


Please Note ..........
Your BIWC Board plans, pivots, and proceeds thoughtfully during pandemic periods, respecting the personal preferences of each member.  
Watch your email for any updates for upcoming events. 

Jenny MacLaggan
Simone Gers
Susie McKean
Kathy Deasy
Sonia Scaer
Susan Bray
Sirri Hanson
Linda Blevins





We will NOT be taking donations for Helpline House at the April general meeting/potluck—bring a favorite dish to share instead!

Last month, we donated 31lbs of food and $194 to Helpline House. Thank you all!!

Upcoming Events

COFFEE SOCIAL & HAPPY HOUR - Tuesday April 16th



Tuesday, April 16 from 3-5 PM

Marketplace at Lynwood Center

4738 Lynwood Center Road NE, BI

The Café is open for coffee drinks, tea, baked goods, and savories. And, Earth & Vine Bar is open for potent potables. Come and go as you please in this casual atmosphere conducive to conversation and laughter.

Potluck Luncheon - Thursday April 18th


It’s our annual Pot Luck Luncheon April 18th at 11am

Plan to join us on April 18th as we present our club’s monetary donations to three of the charities that presented to our club this year.    Please see DETAILS ABOVE......

Looking forward to seeing everyone and their delicious treats!!

Summer Luncheon - June 25th

“Hats and Flats”

Our Summer Luncheon Garden Party will be on June 25th from Noon until 2:00pm at Islandwood. 

Hope you all can make it!



The board unanimously approved the following Covid 19 policy on August 31, 2021.
  1. All BIWC General Meetings, program presentations, activity groups, and any other BIWC-affiliated event shall follow the mandates and recommendations of regulatory agencies as they pertain to Covid 19 current to the specific date of each event. This may result in cancellations, venue changes, social distancing, masks, and/or other safety measures.
  2. We respect the decisions of members to participate or not within their comfort zone.
  3. We ask that members or guests who have not been vaccinated or are feeling unwell not participate in in-person indoor or outdoor events.
Contact us with questions/concerns on this policy.
Focus on the positives and practice gratitude.

Recent Events

General Meeting - March 21st

Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society

Why Genealogy

"Genealogy," noun: a record of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor; lineage. "Genealogist," noun: one who traces that descent.

On March 21, Betty Wiese, a member of our group, and her colleagues will speak about "Why Genealogy?" They are part of the Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society, which holds classes and has speakers concerning ancestor searches. Join us to learn why we should be interested in this topic and, perhaps, get hooked on the search for our own history. Frequently, who each of us is, and what we have become and achieved, is based on the accomplishments and lives of our ancestors.

We are lucky to have this society here on Bainbridge Island. The members are highly educated about the nuances of family searches and have access to websites, speakers, tips, and programs to facilitate investigations. Searching family history is not only fun and enlightening, but, at times, crucial when medical problems arise. This lively and intelligent group is easy and fun to join. Learn more at our next meeting. And remember, if not for our ancestors, we would not exist.


March Happy Hour - March 20th


Plate and Pint

321 High School Rd NW, BI

Join us for Happy Hour from 3-5 pm.

Drop by and stay as long as you want.

Come and relax with friends, old and new!

February Hosted Dining Activity Group


February Happy Hour - Feb 20th


Plate and Pint

321 High School Rd NW, BI

Join us for Happy Hour from 3-5 pm. Drinks are a dollar off! Hurray!

We are  trying to mix it up a bit with alternating morning coffees and afternoon happy hours

We'd love to see you, especially our newer members. You can drop by and stay as long as you want.

Come and relax with friends, old and new!

General Meeting - February 15th



Guest Speaker - Shirley Wilder

When Celeste Mergens was on an international trip many years ago, she learned that young girls starting puberty couldn't attend school until their periods were over because they lacked the sanitary supplies necessary to help them.

In 2008 she founded Days for Girls to help provide these basic needs that we take for granted.  The organization now has over 400 chapters worldwide and has reached more than 3 million women and girls.

Shirley Wilder will tell us how women have empowered women to overcome this lack of supplies. This is a happy tale of using ingenuity and education about the female body to allow girls to attend school full time.

 This is a story of victory and inspiration that Shirley will unfold for us. It is an intriguing story that you will want to learn more about.




January Coffee

Coffee at T&C - UPSTAIRS

Wednesday, Jan. 24th at 10:00 AM

Please join us for a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a pastry at Town and Country UPSTAIRS, 343 Winslow Way. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet new and old members. Stay as long as you like.

Hope to see you there.



Wine Tasting Group enjoying the Holidays


Text n Tea Book Club - Holiday Cookie Exchange

General Meeting - November 16th


Thursday, November 16th

It is our privilege to welcome as our November Speaker, Barbara Lawrence, Suquamish Tribal Elder and traditional storyteller. Suquamish storytelling is a traditional way of teaching for all ages. Barbara has a passion for and a depth of knowledge of Suquamish and Coast Salish history, culture politics, archeology, social justice, environmental racism, and contemporary tribal issues. She received a BA from Evergreen College and an MBA in Sustainable Business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Lawrence has served on many Washington State Advisory Boards, bridging tribal and state governmental interests, including helping establish the Canoe Journeys program. She is the Education Outreach Specialist for the Suquamish Tribal Education Administration Department and a curriculum staff member for the Since Time Immemorial project.



Wednesday Walkers Activity Group


November Coffee

Coffee at Cups

Friday, Nov. 10th at 10:00 AM

Please join us for a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a pastry at Cups, 123 Bejune Dr. #105. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet new and old members. Stay as long as you like. I know for a fact the pastries are yummy! Hope to see you there.



General Meeting - October 19th

Our last meeting was a success with almost 50 members coming to hear about Island Volunteer Caregivers. We were fortunate to learn how IVC works within our community to support the needs at no cost to seniors and people with special needs. They have piloted a Wellness Program aimed at combating loneliness and isolation.

October Happy Hour



Wednesday, Oct 11th at 3:00 PM

Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse

500 Winslow Way E.

Wine, beer, cider, and soft drinks are available for purchase and outside food may be brought into the Alehouse.

There is a parking lot below BIMA. Come and visit with new friends and old friends.

We hope to see you there!

General Meeting - September 21st


The kick-off meeting on September, 21st was amazing. Approximately 40 members enjoyed the program by Melissa Arias, Executive Director and CEO for The Washington and Alaska Make-A-Wish Foundation. Melissa spoke to us about the Make-A-Wish Foundation's history and the undeniable impact it has on children, their families, and their medical outcomes.  Bainbridge Island volunteer Robin Warsaw explained the role of local volunteers and shared stories close to home.  Thank you, our programs committee, for bringing her and her heartwarming presentation.

Some Golf Activity Group members enjoying a beautiful day


The Spicy Ladies Activity Group dining out in September



Special Pop-Up Event - SEPTEMBER 19th

On Tuesday, September 19th at 4:00 PM, our very own fiber artist, Roberta Nelson, was showcased throughout the tasting room at Fletcher Bay Winery in Winslow. Roberta invited the group to explore her creations of fiber, fabric, and metal, sip a beverage, and share conversation.



Soil Sisters Activity Group - Private Tour of Fern Garden - SEPTEMBER 15th

John van den Meerendonk, iconic BI horticulturist and fern specialist gave us a fascinating tour and answered questions about many of the different ferns on show in the Bainbridge Library’s newly revamped fern garden.  The collection includes 700 ferns representing more than 70 species and varieties.




September Coffee

Join us for Coffee

Tuesday, September 5th at 10:00 AM

Please join us at Coquette, on Tuesday, September 5th for a morning of coffee and pastries, and meeting new and old friends. Hopefully, we’ll have a beautiful morning with lots of sunshine. See you at about 10:00 am.



SUMMER SOIRÈE - Thursday August 24th


BIWC's Annual Summer Soirée

Thursday, August 24th    3:00-5:00 PM


Coffee & ART at BIMA

                                                Thursday, August 17th at 10:00 AM         

Join the Pop-Up Activity Group for Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s Spotlight, a juried exhibition of work by 150 artists from the Puget Sound region. You will recognize several artists from Kitsap County including two paintings from one of our own BIWC members.  The diversity of media is an absolute “WOW!”

There should be plenty of parking in the lower BIMA lot, as well as in garage under the building

Meet at BIMA Bistro for a morning beverage and socializing at 10 AM on Thursday August 17, followed by an independent stroll through the art museum about 11 AM. 


August Coffee

Thursday, August 3rd at 10:00 AM

Join us for Coffee

Outside Tables @ Town & Country


Wine HAPPY HOUR - Tuesday July 25th


Fletcher Bay Coppertop

Tuesday, July 25th from 3:30 to 5:00 pm

 A great way to keep up with friends, old and new, this summer. 


JUNE LUNCHEON - Wednesday, June 14th


Sail Into Summer 


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

11:30 AM

Wing Point Golf & Country Club



General Meeting - Thursday May 18th

"Creativity is never a straight predictable road"

Susan Wiggs

Photo by Susan Doupe

Our May speaker is Bainbridge Island’s own Susan Wiggs, a New York Times Best Selling author who is known for her novels that are inspired by her stubbornly held belief in the robustness of the human spirit in the face of adversity. She will share her latest novel, “Sugar and Salt” with us. Since 1987, she has written about two books a year. On becoming a writer, she admits “It was never something I wanted. It’s just something that I knew I was.” Don’t miss this fascinating presentation by one of the country’s favorite authors. Bring your favorite Wiggs' book to be autographed, and a guest to share this last speaker of the BIWC year with.


May Coffee

Wednesday, May 3rd at 10:30 AM

COQUETTE BAKE SHOP is now open! Let’s all meet for coffee and catch up!

Its New Location is 140 Winslow Way West.

See you all there.



Wednesday Walkers meet up with BIWC coffee social at Coquette Bake Shop

Wednesday Walkers meet up with BIWC coffee social at Coquette Bake Shop

April Coffee

Thursday, April 6th at 10:00 AM

IMPORTANT - Please Note there has been a CHANGE of VENUE.

We will meet at PEGASUS to  enjoy the coffee, pastries, and our friends.


Potluck Luncheon - Thursday April 20th


It’s our annual Pot Luck Luncheon April 20th at 11am

Plan to join us on April 20th as we present our club’s monetary donation to two of the charities that presented to our club this year. 

Please bring a dish that you love to make and eat, along with a list of its ingredients.

Make sure that it’s in a ready-to-serve container along with the utensils needed to serve it and a trivet if the dish is hot. 

NOTE: We will not have any way to either heat up or keep warm the food.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone and their delicious treats!!


March General Meeting - March 16th

Dr. Jeannette Franks

Intentional Aging

Jeannette Franks, Ph.D, shares decision-making strategies on how to age well, with purpose and joy! Dr. Franks is a passionate activist, author, and gerontologist who taught courses on geriatrics and gerontology at the University of Washington for 25 years.

Stock up your personal toolbox with practical tips for living your best life!  Check out her website, where you will learn more about Jeannette and her new book Intentional Aging: 7 Practical Actions to Live Well and Minimize the Risk of Dementia which is available at EH Books.


February General Meeting - February 16th

Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education (KARE)

Dianne Cannafax is co-founder of Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education (KARE), a non-profit organization offering a wide range of services: animal rescue, fostering, adoption; grants for medical and educational needs, and an annual chicken camp for owners and their chickens! KARE collaborates with other agencies, including a new partnership with local law enforcement to provide emergency shelter for homeless persons and their pets.  Dianne is bringing another trainer, plus a four-legged friend.

February Coffee Time

Thursday, February 9th at 10:00 AM

Join us at T&C Market - Inside Upstairs

343 Winslow Way E

Bainbridge Island


Winter Social at Sisters' Cider House - Wednesday, January 25th @ 3:30pm

Good turnout.  Lots of fun warming up a bleak winter afternoon with our BIWC sisters at Sisters’ Cider House.
Sipping cider (with or without alcohol), socializing and enjoying BIWC provided snacks,  Skee-Ball, surprises, and silliness.

January General Meeting - January 19th

Langley Gace, Senior VP of Business Development for Innovasea systems, which designs the most
technologically advanced aquatic solutions for aquaculture in the world. Innovasea is part of a critical solution to meet the growing protein demand for an increasing global population and is very serious about global stewardship and making things better for our planet and its people. He is looking forward to sharing the story of modern aquaculture.

Wreath-making, December 6th


The BIWC Soil Sisters invite you to our Annual Wreath-Making

    BAINBRIDGE GARDENS Tuesday, December 6, 10am-noon

New Activity Group KICK OFF EVENT - December 4th

New Rotating

Wine Tasting Group

Couples and Singles are welcome. 

Sign up on the website or at our meetings. 

Tastings in 2023 will be held in small groups at different members’ homes on the second Sunday of each month. 

More details will be shared at our first tasting for all wine members.  

Kick Off Event -- Sunday, December 4th at 5:00 PM



November General Meeting, November 17th


Our November
Jumble Sale was a great success!


Over $2,000 raised and donated to Helpline House


Members arrived early with time to enjoy a spot of tea, some baked goods & friendly conversations.

Then the shopping began, making fun purchases; the proceeds of which were delivered to Helpline House on Thursday afternoon.

Items for sale included:

  • Baked Goods
  • Handmade Items– Glass Art, Wooden Ornaments & Knitwear
  • Gently used donated items– Women's Accessories, Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, Small Purses and Books.


Thanks to everyone who volunteered and participated in this event.

Special thanks to Sandy for coming up with the idea, and for all her hard work making this event a success

October General Meeting, October 20

Phedra Elliot, the Executive Director of Housing Resources Bainbridge was our speaker for October. Phedra moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2002 just in time to buy an affordable home just before housing prices began to rise. She believes communities should have a variety of housing options and that being able to live where you work should not be a matter of luck.

October Coffee Time

Thursday, October 6th at 10:00 AM

Join us at Cups Espresso
123 Bijune Dr SE #105

Bainbridge Island


Decorating Pumpkins at Bainbridge Gardens, September 30


Soil Sisters and Pop-Up Group had fun helping Donna Harui launch the Annual Bainbridge Gardens Pumpkin Walk by painting pumpkins.  This year's pumpkin walk benefits the BI Boys' and Girls' Club.

September General Meeting, September 15th

Merilee Mostav from Bainbridge Historical Society


September Coffee Time

Thursday, September 8th at 10:00 AM

Join us outside Town & Country Market
343 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island

If raining, we will meet inside - downstairs

Summer Soiree

What a wonderful way to end the summer.  About forty members and guests enjoyed our Summer Soiree at Patti Frank's House with friendly conversation, nibbles and a beautiful view of Eagle Harbor.  An array of appetizers and beverages left everyone smiling.  Thanks for hosting this event Patti.

August Coffee Time

Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 AM

Join us at COQUETTE in the outdoor Winslow Mall
278 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island

June Luncheon - WEDNESDAY June 14th

Click the picture to register!

Sail Into Summer 


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

11:30 AM

Wing Point Golf & Country Club

811 Cherry Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island 98110

Festivities begin at 11:30 AM with a glass of sparkling wine, followed by the luncheon at 12 noon.

You will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for door prizes. (Cash/Checks only)

We will be having a Vintage Fashion Show put on by the Bargain Boutique.

Donations for Helpline House accepted with gratitude!



Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Bread Basket and Butter

North West Chicken 

Seasoned Vegetables

Roasted Potatoes


Vegetarian Mushroom Risotto


Lemon Tart with Rosemary

Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks


$43 per person includes tax/gratuity AND a glass of sparkling wine or nonalcoholic beverage.

 Guests welcome.


Reservation Deadline: Tuesday, May 29th  with name(s), entrée choice, and payment. 

3 Ways to Reserve & Pay


- CREDIT CARDClick on the SAILBOATS above. Fill out your info & hit "Submit."

Note: You DO NOT need a PayPal account. Just skip over the PayPal box & scroll down to the bottom to choose "Pay with Credit Card"

- BRING YOUR CHECK or CASH to the General Meeting on Thursday, May 18th


- MAIL CHECK by May 25th$43 per person Payable to:


PO Box 10855

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

** Indicate chicken, or vegetarian entrée directly on your check memo line.

Please -- no separate notes. 

Carpooling encouraged.          Need a ride?  Contact: Judy Grossman

Luncheon Questions? Contact: Tracie Waxman


June Coffee Hour

Thursday, June 9th - 10:00-11:00am

in the outdoor Winslow Mall
278 Winslow Way E

May General Meeting, May 19th

This month's speakers, Jackie Fabbri and Ben Upsell, were from Arms Around Bainbridge, a wonderful organization that was started in 2007 by friends of Olivia Carey who came down with ovarian cancer.

 This organization provides emotional and monetary support for people on Bainbridge who are faced with medical difficulties. To date the organization has disbursed over $1 million to our neighbors who are caught in financial crisis as a result of serious illness.We heard how the group was formed and all the incredible things this organization does. Amazing how many services we are fortunate to have here on our Island.

Afterwards, many members enjoyed lunch at Wing Point.

Trip to Whitney Gardens May 17th

Soil Sisters day trip to Brinnon

Outing to Whitney Gardens was a success. Magnificent blooms, weather & company. Lovely meal with a view at Geoduck Restaurant.

May Coffee Hour

Friday, May 6th - 10:00-11:00am

Bay Hay & Feed
Carly's Cafe
10355 NE Valley Road

March General Meeting, March 17th

We were fortunate to have Becky Bryan, from the Kathleen Sutton Fund, as in-house speaker for our March meeting.  
 The organization reimburses transportation costs for women undergoing treatment for cancer, living in Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, and Mason Counties; providing aid to those going through a dramatic and often costly period in their lives.
EVERYONE was IRISH on St. Patrick's Day - wearing a bit of the green. 
Afterwards, many members  continued socializing while enjoying lunch at Wing Point.

February General Meeting & White Elephant Exchange | Feb 17th

What an enjoyable meeting we had in February.  Socializing, learning more about each other, games, candy & gifts ......


**Happy New Year Coffee Hour**

Please join the fun, catch up and savor an outrageously good cup of coffee…

Thursday, February 3 at 10:00 am

Pegasus Coffee House
131 Parfitt Way

We plan to meet on the covered patio, so dress warmly!

Jan Weber

November General Meeting

The November meeting included a fun presentation by this local boy and cool author.

Jonathan Evison is the New York Times Bestselling author of seven novels, including:

All About Lulu, West of Here, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (also a movie), This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!, Lawn Boy, Legends of the North Cascades, and Small World.

As a teen, Evison, was the founding member of the punk band March of Crimes, which included future members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. He lives on Bainbridge Island with his family.

November Coffee Circle
Monday, November 8th at 10:00 AM
This fun event will be held at Coquette Bakery in Winslow Mall.
Dress warmly as it is covered but not enclosed.
Feel free to bring a prospective member/friend.
Jan Weber

October General Meeting

On Thursday Oct. 21 we were joined by local author, Mary Lou Sanelli, will inspire strength and resilience in your human spirit!

“Mary Lou is an awesome speaker. She spoke to the General Federation of Women's Conferences, Western State Region meeting and you could hear a pin drop at one time and the laughter was contagious at another. She was a highlight of the four-day conference for many attendees. Her message was perfect for a group of women ranging in age from 40-90.”
Bonnie Walden, WSR President

Join Us for Paint Nite Happy Hour

Oct. 14th from 4 PM - 6 PM
at Heart and Soul Art Studio
Winslow Green, Bainbridge Island
We will be given step-by-step instructions on how to paint an awesome picture on canvas. The cost is $32.00 and all supplies will be provided.
  1. Email Sandy at:  for more info
  2. Very limited spaces as we will be social distancing inside the studio.
  3. Please RSVP to Sandy by Oct. 11 at noon.
  4. Vaccinated members only and a Face Mask is required.

Come and have some fun and leave with a masterpiece.

Coffee Social - PNW Style

Kick-off October in your finest attire
(toque, scarf, gloves)
Meet for a no-host cuppa outside the deli/bakery under the awning at Town and Country
Monday, October 4th, 10-11:00 AM 
Rain or Shine
Come/go as your schedule allows!

Lytle Beach Coffee & Cinnabons

We had a lovely time at the beach!


Wednesday Walkers

Patti's Porch Party

August 13
We Kept Calm, Partied On!
Despite a warm and smoky day, the Women In Need of Sisters carried on with an abundance of good cheer, fueled by chilled wine and delicious, homemade appetizers. The most amazing edible centerpiece, pictured above, was an explosion of fruit and chilled shrimp. Thanks to the more than 20 ladies who attended and to the event host, Patti Frank, for a great end-of-summer gathering.

Hostess with the Mostess

Fletcher Bay Winery - July 29th

Around 30 newer and long-time members celebrated summer socializing

June Luncheon and General Meeting

Fifty-two members and guests basked in the sunshine, sipped beverages, and socialized over lunch at Eleven Winery in June. Thank you!  What a joy to re-connect! We never expected to “sell out” the venue, and sadly could not accommodate inquiries after the deadline. Much appreciation to “Our Friendly BIWC Board Members” who volunteered and organized.

Outreach: Thanks to All
The wonderful turnout at our June luncheon also resulted in an impressive amount of donations for Helpline House: 42 pounds of food and a total of $95 in cash and checks. Thanks to everyone!









October’s Afternoon of Fun in the Park

Back by popular demand, October featured another round of Drive-in Games! Lots of laughter and honking horns were heard, as members were able to participate in The Price is Right and Name that Tune from the comfort of their cars. Some just couldn’t resist putting on their dancing shoes. Prizes awarded to our lucky winners included Gift Cards from Local Restaurants.

Recap of October's Zoom Program

If you did not have an opportunity to participate in our October Program, we have posted a link to the pre-recorded presentation by the Ascend Fund.  Click on the link below to learn about the challenges facing women who choose to run for office, the strategies for promoting gender parity and the other organizations working in coordination with the Ascend Fund.

Our Program Committee Chair, Karla Sammons, ( will be contacting the Ascend Fund with follow-up questions and comments from our members, and we invite you to contact Karla if you would like your feedback included.

Fun Times at September Drive-In Games

Kudos to Joanna Lyon for our wonderful Parking Lot Bingo and Trivia!  Some members opted to stay in their cars while others brought lawn chairs to sit outside.  Congratulations to the Bingo and Trivia winners!  We hope to hold one other parking lot activity while the weather permits. It’s such fun to actually be able to visit with each other, even if at a distance.

  • Golf activity group enjoying the sunny weather