April 2018 Newsletter Highlights

Hello Fellow Friends and Members,

We are coming to the short strokes of our organization’s business year ending this June. This April we have the privilege to offer grants to three of our community non-profits: Bainbridge Senior Center, Bainbridge Youth Services, and Island Volunteer Caregivers. Their representatives will attend our potluck meeting at Saint Barnabas Community Center on April 19th, from 11:15 to 2:00 PM. I hope many of you will join us for the repast. Judged from offerings at previous potlucks, we’re in for some fine culinary offerings!

More about food and parties – we’ve had some fun events over the past few years, thanks to our event planners of late: Lenae Jenkins, who wore multiple hats while she served as Vice President and then President for two years running. What a gal!

This past year, Barbara Kirk, picked up the role with a different vibe. Remember the fun tea party last December at Kiana Lodge? I am not a tea-party-person, so I envisioned curled pinkies, and a staid, reserved, affair. Boy, was I wrong! Those who chose, donned hats which, when told of their origins, had poignant histories to share. Our friend, and board member, JoEst Buehner, wore her wedding get-away hat from 58 years ago.

Jodie Prongay, Betsy Hettich, and Esther Ritzenthaler told their stories about the feathered hats they wore. It was a fascinating, and fun event. Thank you, Barbara for your party expertise!

Where am I going with this reminiscence of past events? Just this: we are in search of a member to step into the shoes of an event planner for the next two year term. Maybe you wear a size nine flip-flop or a size six high heel – – no matter. The position of Event Planner is your own to define. Creativity and originality are encouraged!

If your know a fellow member who is cloaked in modesty and won’t recommend herself, do it for her! If you are a member who knows you can put together three events with the help of a myriad of volunteers; step up!

See you at the buffet table on the 19th.

I’m thinking of bringing deviled eggs; what are you bringing?

Sheryl Todd, Board Chair

You’re Invited!

Potluck & Grant Presentations

Thursday, April 19, 2018    11:15 AM – 2:00 PM

St. Barnabas Parish Hall
1187 Wyatt Way NW, Bainbridge Island

Please join us for food, fun and a chance to meet old and new members! Please bring a dish to share based on the first letter of your last name. Please bring a serving utensil if needed.

A-H Salad or Side dish

I-Q Main dish

R-Z Dessert

Thank you,

Barbara Kirk


Meatball Mishap

By Lenae Jenkins

May I make a suggestion to those BIWC members whose last names begin with the letter I through Q? Please do not bring meatballs as your potluck contribution. Meatballs and BIWC will now and forever live in infamy in the minds of the St. Barnabas kitchen! For those few who are unaware of the woes of last year’s potluck luncheon let me now share with you the sorry tale.

St. Barnabas has graciously granted permission to local caterers to prepare and store their culinary creations in the parish kitchen. Last year, one such caterer had prepared a very large and lovely dish of meatballs to be served at an event to be held that evening. Caterer had placed the meatballs in the kitchen’s refrigerator for safe keeping. All caterers are asked to clearly mark their items to avoid an unpleasant situation. So far, so good. But here comes the bad news. Said caterer labeled the bottom of her platter. A-ha! You guessed it – BIWC inadvertently served the Yacht Club’s meatballs to our members!

The error of our ways was not discovered until we had finished cleaning up and had noticed that no one had retrieved their large platter which now held very few meatballs. Some quick checking by a St. Barnabas member revealed the identity of the caterer who now had precious little time to prepare a second batch of meatballs. And now I was faced with a duty that wasn’t in any BOD position description I had ever read! Understandably, she was not pleased. I attempted to make amends by offering to prepare a batch of meatballs for her if she would kindly send me her recipe. Her prompt rely informed me I did not hold the proper credentials to do that. OK. Plan B. Costco. (Her idea, not mine) She did accept my offer to reimburse her for the cost of the replacement meatballs with the promise I would not disclose their maker. No worries, there, my lips are sealed.

Subsequently, I have learned that not everyone’s lips have been sealed. When poor Barbara met with the St. Barnabas kitchen staff in preparation for this year’s luncheon the first thing they greeted her was with tales of the meatball mix up! Oh my, is that the only thing this wonderful organization will be remembered by? I certainly hope not. But perhaps we can begin to erode the mix up memory by not serving any meatballs this year.

Community Outreach

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”

-Booker T. Washington

Helpline House

  • Canned soups
  • Canned beans
  • Boxed rice
  • Hygiene products
  • Travel sized toiletries

YWCA Women’s Shelter

  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Black garbage bags
  • Lysol Spray
  • Large and X Large T-shirts
  • Leggings


Thanks so much for giving! It’s such a joy to take the items our members donate, and to be able to say “This is given by the Bainbridge Island Women’s Club.”

Thank you,

JoEst Buehner
Outreach Chair

BIWC Care and Concern

If you are aware of a fellow member who is ill or experiencing a difficulty in her life, please contact JoEst Buehner


Barb’s Beret Project

Dear BBP Volunteers,
The BBP will not meeting this month as our BIWC luncheon and grant presentation is being held. But please mark your calendars for our next get-together which will be on Thursday, May 17 from 1-4pm. Please join us for all or any part of the three hour session that is available to us. I’m very excited about our new sewing circle location at BARN and look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Lenae Jenkins


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